Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Is Here!!!!! :O

Heyo guys! :D, you know what time it is? Yup you guessed right, Its Christmas! w00t w00t. Keeps your eyes open and ears peeled for a wave of various clan events, ranging from giveaways and on-going matches!!!! :D I think im gonna have a spaz :o, But on the other side of the card, Merry Christmas everybody! Christmas truly is a time of getting together and having fun, and when I mean together I mean ganging up on noobs and when I mean having fun I mean playing DotA allllll day long! :D, and remember: GLORY TO THE HORDE!

~Espada.  .:Dynamore:.

Recruting Season

Hey guys :) Dynamore here, I want to talk about recruiting, since Christmas  is here there will be an influx of players around the world...and you know what that means? Yup your right its recruiting time! :D, currently we are a small clan BUT do not worry, we shall rise to power eventually! Haha, but if you are interested in recruiting a certain individual please do so, but make sure you know them or have atleast talked to them in any kind of way, it'll be a great help! :D, and as always, GLORY TO THE HORDE!

C'ya on the field ~Espada. .:Dynamore:.

Battle Cry!

Lads, it is time we have our very own battle cry, a cry that represents our clan, a cry that shows honour and justice and a cry, that will intimidate the enemy.....GLORY TO THE HORDE
Welcome my fellow Espada, this is a dedicated DotA 2 clan. We live to pwn  and to make it a very bad day for the player on the other side.

Other than that welcome to the clan.

Play well, hard and fairly. Have a nice day my fellow Espada and I hope to see you on the field ~Espada.  Dynamore